In 2014, Sarah Cavenaile started to collaborate with the contemporary dancer and aerialist Veronica Cruz under the name of Le fil mauve. Encouraged by a real osmosis and their intuitive improvisations, they combine their technical knowledge and artistic talent, theatrical expression, strength and flexibility to form a very special acrobatic and dancing duo.

They have a clear artistic commitment in the creation and research and have this essential need to share this process. This non stop attitude towards their appartus lead them to go over obstacles, to ask themselves questions and most of all, find new answers. With a new movement and theatre language, they try to give a new meaning to artistic pole dance.

Here are some of their creations since 2014.


Ocean Reef (2014)


Performance for the Benelux Pole Dance Championship and Pole Theatre Paris 2014.

Award: Belgium Pole Dance champions, Benelux Vice-Champions and second in the Pole Theatre Paris 2014 : Art Category  

Rebirth (2015)

Performance for the Portugal Pole Art Festival 2015. Theme was rebirth and we explored the possibility of twin fœtus moving in a liquid universe.

Kung-Fu fight (2015)

Performance for Pole Theatre UK 2015 revisiting the old Kong-Ku movies with a lot of humor and derision.

Award: Overall winners and Comedy winners

Zapping Box (2014) - 53 minutes

1 hour pole and theatre performance about TV and its influence on the society The performance offers a mix of concepts and emotions. TV clichés that everybody can remember, sometimes treated in a serious manner, sometimes with humor, but always expressed by a physical play originated from an artistic research.


Yvonne Smink (Dutch pole champion): ‘Watched the incredible 1 hour pole theater show Zapping Box by Sarah and Veronica, an amazing creative piece, I have NEVER seen something like this before! You can be so proud girls. Amazing, creative, special and UNIQUE show! Simply the best!’

Liesbet Jorissen (Belgian pole vice-champion): ‘Loved Zapping Box with Veronica Cruz and Sarah Cavenaile. Creative, funny, exceptional! Enjoyed every moment of the show. Just wow!’

Vane Lunatica (Spanish pole champion): ‘I was impressed with Zapping Box, the first full theatre pole piece, so entertaining, so captivating, so innovative!

Pas chaussé (2015) - 11 minutes (short version) or 30 minutes (kids show version)

Oniric performance about the meaning attribution of things and their futility exploring the variety of movements on a never seen before configuration of two dance poles. The performance has been adapted to kids with an initiation afterwards (total 1h) and is suitable for school shows.

Humanimals 2016 - 9 minutes

20 novembre 2016Guy Dubreucq-9 - Copie.jpg

A nature documentary about wild « humanimals » that shows how these creatures develop weird habits and behaviours to be part of this surreal society. Humanimals play, get transformed, evolve, have rituals, nourish their soul, socialize, have fun and even they get zootherapy when needed. All of this while keeping their transpiecies chararacteristics with pride.